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Intranets - Custom Web & Software Solutions

Many companies have a great web presence, but don’t take advantage of online resources that can help streamline communication between employees or multiple offices. Company “intranets” are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow multiple users to have password-protected online access to downloadable files, searchable contact lists, meeting minutes, shared calendars, message boards and more. Sure, there are off-the-shelf products that offer 90% of what you don’t need and 10% of what you do, but you have to wade through all the irrelevant information to get to what you want.

Our custom built intranet applications and software can be linked directly from your existing website, are accessible via the internet from anywhere, and can provide exactly what is needed based on your company’s needs. You, as a top-level “admin” user will be able to create user accounts for your employees, designate what they have access to, and you can keep the information up to date quickly – or delegate someone else to do it as an “assistant admin” user. They are extremely user-friendly, they improve employee efficiency, and it makes pertinent information and documents available to your staff no matter where they are. Best of all – did we mention how EASY these are to use? Call us and ask us for a demo – you’ll be glad you did!

Below are a few examples of various web-based intranets and custom software applications that we have built for other companies. Each of them had a specific need that the application needed to solve, and we can do the same for you. If you are interested in finding our more about our offerings, please call us at 540-347-0827 or click here to us and we'll be in touch quickly to introduce ourselves.

Jobin Realty Intranet

Jobin Realty has several offices with over 1,500 real estate agents, and they all needed one place to communicate, share files, and access important information. This system was built specifically for Jobin, based on the requirements supplied to us. If you can dream it, then we can build it!

Capital-One (Web Application)

We developed a custom web-based software application for Capitol-One which allows them to track the progress of each PMR (project management request) that is made within the company. Through this system, each PMR goes through various check-offs, pass-offs and approvals and each step is time and date stamped which allows for custom report generation as well. This served as a huge timesaver for them and won an internal award within their company.


This company is blowing up! This site contains a very complex back-end that tracks cell phone text communications for various users in a password-protected area, providing detailed reports, advertiser consoles, etc. This is an ever-expanding website application that receives a great deal of traffic and includes a wide range of users through different internal login consoles.

Nextel Stores (Web Application)

SiteWhirks teamed up with a project management company to develop a custom web-based application that allowed 100's of users to access files and information relative to financial and scheduling data for new construction projects across the country. Anyone who had anything to do with building new Nextel locations could have access to this data from anywhere, and they were insured "real-time" information which was critical.

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